Which Is the Best Car Insurance Cover for You?

Buying a car insurance plan can be a great deal, as this is a yearly investment that you make to cover the risks while driving on the road. The market is bursting with numerous car insurance plans providing value-oriented services to its customers. And it can get quite confusing to finalize a policy that is best for you?

This checklist will help you compare different quotes from various insurance companies and select the best deal for yourself. You can buy both comprehensive and third-party car insurance online. Using an online car insurance calculator, you can also calculate the premium.

Also, make sure you go through their inclusions and exclusions before actually taking up the policy. The premium will also vary based on the types of car, duration and the policy you take.

You can check out this list of the best car insurance plans for 2019, by analyzing their previous performance records including the incurred claim ratio, network garages, disbursement options, post-sales support, and customer care. Check it out! 

1. Bajaj Allianz Car Insurance

Bajaj Allianz covers risk arising from unpredictable damages within India and Abroad. They also have more than 4000 garages across India to provide you free car services or they pay 75 percent of the total amount, based on the policy. What makes it an ideal choice is its incurred claim ratio of 50 percent. 

You also get protection against natural catastrophes like earthquake, land slide, floods etc. and also in case of theft, terrorist activities or other man caused destructions, if any.  

If you are the primary policy holder, you will get an accidental cover of 1 lakh rupees. Moreover, it also safeguards you from third party liabilities in any accident posing a lifelong threat or death. Their customer care team is readily available and you also get SMS updates for your transactions. 

2. TATA AIG Car Insurance

With an incurred claim ratio of 79.31pecent, TATA AIG is one of the biggest car insurance providers. The company provides you the most secured insurance policy, as it covers most of the risks possible under car insurance plans.Both natural and man-made destructions are covered, but it also secures loss incurred from the theft of belongings inside your car. Customers even get free car pick-up and easy claim settlement within a week. Moreover, cashless servicing is available at more than 3000 network workshops across India.

3. Bharti AXA Car Insurance

If your car happens to break down, this policy gives you immediate road-side assistance, also gets you aid in case of keys misplacement, 100 percent cover in case of car theft and also, if it’s wrecked beyond repair.

Moreover, you can avail free repairing of parts from more than 3000 garages that fall under their panel. There are also other benefits and discounts that you can avail. And the insurer has an impressive claim settlement ratio of 98.27% that reflects quite positively on the company’s ability to settle your car insurance claims.

4. Oriental Car Insurance

The insurer offers a range of tailor-made vehicle insurance plans at an affordable price. And the plan covers both third-party liabilities, damages, and own damages. Moreover, it offers free emergency service in case there is a breakdown of your car. Additional benefits such as zero depreciation cover, personal accident cover, and loss of personal belongings are also provided at an additional cost.

Oriental general insurance has a higher incurred claim ratio of 126.66% and has more than 3100 network garages on its panel.

5. Reliance Car Insurance

Enjoy a hassle-free claim settlement under any circumstances causing damage or loss to your vehicle. Though, it does not include the routine abrasion to your vehicle. It provides you legal cover against critical circumstances of death, whereas, impairment of a person as well as any destruction or loss of property, is also included.

The company’s incurred claim ratio is 91.39 percent and they have a network of more than 3800 garages where they offer cashless services.

6. HDFC Ergo Car Insurance

You can choose a customized motor insurance plan as per your needs. The company’s incurred claim ratio is 76.90 percent, which makes it an ideal choice. 

And they have more than 5300 network workshops on their panel where you can avail cashless repair service.  The process to renew and buy their comprehensive and third party car insurance plans online is quite simple and hassle-free. 

7. ICICI Lombard Motor Insurance

This policy provides your car a cover from any unforeseen circumstances, including natural calamities, as well as damages caused by any other car and even man-made mishaps.

Also, the co-passengers get a cover of up to 2lakhs from accidental damage. The main benefit is the immediate assistance and even cashless servicing across 3500+ service center across the country. You can pay by multiple means; get 24*7 customer care support and also a door to door assistance.

Over to You!

Simply put, when you think of purchasing your own car, it’s wise to get it insured from any adversity or an accident. In order to get that done, you need to buy a car insurance plan from any of the above mentioned best car insurance plans for 2019, based on your requirements. Do not forget that a good car insurance policy offers you the financial protection and wards of any hassle that may turn up in the course of time.

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