Tips To Improve Fuel Efficiency of Your Car

If thoughts of improving your car’s mileage and fuel efficiency come to your mind often, this article is surely going to help you. You can reap some significant benefits if you apply some of these tips together.

To cut down on your spending on car fuel, you should try applying these tips in your daily routine. Let’s see how you can save on the cost of petrol and diesel –

1. Maintain the Optimum Speed

When car insurance is a mandatory buy, having a constant check on fuel consumption is equally important. However, only a few understand the importance of saving fuel for a pleasurable drive. If you are wondering why your car is feeding on extra fuel, you might have been driving it at a  slow pace. To increase the efficiency of your car, the recommended speed limit is 50 to 60 miles per hour, especially when there is no traffic around.

You will be surprised to know that slow driving increases the consumption of fuel. You usually use low gears when driving at a slow speed. It leads to more consumption of fuel as compared to driving at a normal speed.  That’s why to maintain an optimum speed is highly recommended.

2. Smooth Acceleration

Well, driving patiently can actually help you save on your fuel bills. You can certainly reduce the fuel consumption of your car by driving it at a constant speed and at high gears.

The next time you overtake your car for fun, get ready to pay extra for the fuel.  No wonder, being an old school and driving at a smooth pace does work in your favour.

3. Tyre Pressure

If you have overlooked checking the pressure of your car tyres, then its time you do so. If you are also one of those who forget to check the pressure in car tyres, it might be one of the reasons that your car is consuming more fuel.

It will be worth to spare ten minutes to check the pressure of your car tyres every fortnight and save some fuel.  The recommended pressure level is between 35 and 40 PSI. If not by yourself, you can get it checked at the nearest petrol pump.

So, what is the reason behind it? If the pressure of your car tyres is less, the engine will consume extra power and fuel to run the car. More you maintain the recommended pressure, lesser will be the fuel consumption and vice versa.

4. Turning off Your Engine

Traffic congestion is a real hurdle in India and keeping the engine on in a static car means excessive fuel consumption. If your car is stuck in a traffic jam for a longer time, make sure the car engine is turned off.  You will notice the difference in fuel consumption.

5. Regularly Check Your Car

It might be easier to buy a car, but maintain the car is tough. Buying car insurance is important, but your responsibility doesn’t end here.

The efficiency of your car can be maintained by regularly checking the engine oil, fuel level, coolant, and most importantly, sending the car for regular servicing. If you own a luxury or sports car, you can even get automatic updates whenever the car needs a servicing.

6. Avoiding the Traffic Jam

As you already know, every time you restart your car, it needs more fuel for ignition. Taking your car out on the city roads in scorching heat during rush hours ridiculously reduces its fuel efficiency.

If possible, avoid taking your car out during the rush hours – it will save you from using much of accelerator and brakes. If you have flexible working hours, then this can be the best option. Moreover, it will certainly increase the efficiency of your car.

7. Try Car Pooling

As they say, sharing is caring! You can save a lot of fuel by pooling a car to work. If 4 people can go in one car and save fuel, why go for 4 different cars. It is the most sensible way to save the fuel.

Try this at least once a week and save more on car fuel!

8. Keep it Light

Did you know that for every 100 kg of weight, the total distance travelled gets reduced by 1.8 km? Discarding all the irrelevant stuff from the car can actually help reduce fuel consumption.

If you remove all the unnecessary stuff from your car, you can increase the distance covered. In other words, the efficiency of your car will increase.

Summing it up!

If you really want to save on the fuel, then practicing the aforementioned steps will noticeably reduce the fuel consumption of your car. Try it out, you will actually see the difference within a month.