Should I Stay with the Same Car Insurance Provider?

When it comes to renewing motor insurance, most of us prefer avoiding the hassle of searching a new insurer and stay with the same one. The obvious reason is its being super easier to renew existing insurance. Moreover, the majority of leading car insurers offer renewal perks to retain their customers every year. This way when they try to prevent the policyholders from porting a plan, the policyholders, on the other hand, enjoy loyalty perks.

No doubt there are multiple of benefits of staying with the same insurer at the time of policy renewal. But you shouldn’t ignore the drawbacks as well. It this article, we will discuss both sides of a coin, we mean upside and downside of staying with the same motor insurance plan.

Why Do You Look for New Car Insurance Plans?

If you are getting car insurance at the most competitive rates with best possible benefits; if the post-sale services are at per, there’s no doubt you will not wish to switch it. However, you’ll never be confirmed of whether you are getting the best out of your insurance policy until and unless you’re not aware of what is offered by the other insurers.

The most reliable and fastest way to ensure this is an online comparison of insurance plans. There are insurance aggregators that help you find the best deal in line with your requirements. For example, if you own Reliance car insurance and want to try other insurance providers while renewing your existing plan, you can approach any of these aggregator websites. You will need to visit the website, go to the ‘comparison online’ option, provide certain information such as car model, manufacturing year, insurance requirement etc. The comparison tool will automatically suggest the plan of your choice. So, stay tuned and search your requirement!

You can also take the help of an agent, as an alternative. You can ask him/her for other available options in the market. However, don’t blindly go with the person or trust on whatever is being said.

Or you can check the top car insurance providers and their plans online as well.

Good Reasons to Switch Car Insurance Plans

Now you’re convinced to skim through different motor insurance available in the market and consider porting, the below benefits can be ensured:

Cheaper premiums

One of the best benefits of switching is the better price! You may find a policy at a most competitive price than the existing one. However, before zeroing down on a plan solely on the basis of offered premium, make sure that you’re getting enough coverage. There is no point of compromising on the coverage just to get a lower price. You should compare the plane in terms of offered premium, policy coverage, claim settlement process of the insurer, service etc. and buy.

Easy Renewals

You may be stuck with the hassle of renewing policy every year. It’s better to clear with the insurer about the process before porting. These days insurance providers offer multiple ways to renew a plan such as online, offline, over-the-counter, via email or phone. You should aware of whatever procedure is followed by a particular insurer to ensure the method of your convenient is available.

For instance, if visiting a branch suits you to renew the plan, check that there is an over-the-counter option available.

Or if you’re preferring to go with by filling a web form, the insurer must offer an online renewal option. So, consider your preference and go accordingly.

Bumper Bonus!

Every plan comes with different features or benefits. Without remain open to the options you won’t be able to identify what is offered by other plans. This can be possible by looking for other plans. While doing, make a checklist of benefits or extras that are getting now and whatever extras are offering others and compare.

Better Service

If you receiving a less-than-stellar service from the insurance company, that’s can be another reason to port. All you want a provider that is courteous, prompt with replies and offers accurate information whenever is needed, apart from being helpful, especially at the time of a claim. So, if you are not getting sufficient claim assistance from the existing insurer, the best way out is to port for another.

Get Your NCB Transferred

Relax you don’t need to be worried about acquired NCB. That can be transferred as well. So, NCB can’t stop you from porting your insurer, rather it helps you adjust your NCB with the new plan by making the switch a smooth process.

Perks of Staying with the Same Insurance Provider

If you’ve done your research, looked around and still find that your current plan is the best – then you should stick with it!

Nevertheless, if you shop around and still find your existing plan adequate-then there is no point of switching. Just don’t forget to ask about loyalty discount or negotiate a better price for your policy. Possibility is there that your insurer will oblige with a discount for being loyal with them or not claiming your insurance.

It may not always work, but it is surely worth a try!

But if you are not satisfied with the existing plan or interested in look for what else is there, be sure to consider a comparison website. A greater motor insurance plan could be waiting for you-all you have to do is look!

Convenience Vs. Comfort

There is no denial that carry-on with your current plan is super convenient. You know the process and premium wouldn’t change much. Most importantly, you have not followed the procedure for selecting a new plan. All you need to do is pay the premiums.

But what if the same benefits and coverage are offered at a cheaper price? You may find some better deals for the same coverage as you are getting now.

The Bottom Line

It’s completely your call now! Consider both pros and cons and weigh your necessity. It’s up to you whether you want the convenience over comfort or comfort over convenience.  However, make you insurance preference carefully!

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