Royal Sundaram Car Insurance

Royal Sundaram General Insurance Company Limited is a branch of Sundaram Finance. The company offers a number of innovative and comprehensive insurance solutions in various sectors including – motor, health, personal accident, travel etc. Royal Sundaram car insurance, also known as Car Shield Plan, is a renowned name in the motor insurance industry.

Why do you need Car Insurance?

If you own a car, it is mandatory for you to have car insurance in India. There are two types of car insurance. One is third party car insurance; it only covers the damage caused to third-party property, vehicle or person. The damage caused to you and your own car will only be covered by a comprehensive car insurance plan.

Accidental damage or collision can impose huge risks on your own safety while driving your car. If you have a comprehensive motor insurance policy in place you don’t need to run from pillar to post in the event of a car accident or collision.

Royal Sundaram Car Insurance at A Glance

Features Highlights
Incurred Claim Ratio 82.78%
Network  Garages 3300+
Personal Accidental Cover Up to Rs. 2 lacs
Third-party Cover Up to 7.5 lacs
No-claim-bonus Provided
Depreciation Waiver Cover As an Add-on Cover
Roadside Assistance Free of cost

Why Royal Sundaram Car Insurance?

Have a look, why it is worthwhile to buy a Royal Sundaram Car Insurance Plan –

  • Obtain instant car insurance quotes online
  • Free inspection of the car at your doorstep
  • Cashless claim settlement across the country
  • Emergency 24/7 roadside assistance
  • Towing assistance is provided, in case it is not possible to provide on the spot repair assistance
  • Round-the-clock customer support
  • A dedicated relationship manager to take you through the claim process
  • Service and repair work
  • Advantages of Royal Sundaram Car Insurance
  • Free roadside assistance kit
  • 100% invoice price insurance cover
  • Cashless service in more than 3300 network garages
  • Royal Sundaram Car Insurance Plan Inclusions
  • Car Shield – Royal Sundaram Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy

Key Features of Royal Sundaram Car Insurance

This package is designed to offer complete protection for your prized possession. Check out the policy features and benefits-

  • Car loss or damage cover
  • No maximum limit on Third-Party liability cover ( including death and bodily injuries)
  • Third-party property damage covers up to a maximum of Rs. 7.5 lakhs.
  • Personal Accident Cover for owner/driver, passengers, and paid driver
  • Extra Discounts Available in Royal Sundaram Car Insurance
  • If you are a member of the Automobile Association of India, you can avail 5% of discount on the Own Damage Premium (Max up to Rs.200)
  • By reducing the limits of liabilities for third-party property damage, avail a discount of Rs. 100
  • Voluntary Deductibles – Avail 35% discount on Own Damage Premium, up to a maximum of Rs. 2,500.
  • Transfer of No Claim Bonus (NCB) – Easy to transfer NCB from your previous policy, while renewing car insurance with Royal Sundaram Car Insurance Online.

Royal Sundaram Car Insurance Types

There are two types of policies offered under Royal Sundaram car insurance:

  • Royal Sundaram Car Insurance for Private Vehicles or Car Shield Policy
  • Royal Sundaram Car Insurance for Commercial Vehicles

Royal Sundaram Car Insurance Policy Coverage

The coverage offered under the three categories of Royal Sundaram car insurance includes:

Own Damage Cover Third Party Liability Cover Personal Accident Cover to Owner/Driver
Accidental & External Damage Legal protection to the insured if any liability arises out of accidental death or injury claims from third parties Offers compulsory personal accidental cover up to Rs. 2 lakh for vehicle owner/driver
Riot & Strike Legal protection for damage to third party property. While driving the insured vehicle as a co-driver
Fire & Explosion Legal costs and Expenses
Natural calamities like Landslide, flood, earthquake, storm, hurricane etc.
Burglary, housebreaking/ Theft
Malicious Act

Sum Insured or IDV of Royal Sundaram Car Insurance

IDV or Insured Value also referred as Sum Insured of your car insurance, is the highest amount paid by the insurer in case of an own damage claim. In other words, IDV is the actual market value of your vehicle at the time of claim.

IDV plays an important role while deciding premiums for own damage cover. A portion of the premium is based on 2-3 percent of your car IDV, age of the care, Cubic capacity etc.

Simply put, greater the IDV, the higher is the car insurance premium you pay and vice versa. So, knowing your car IDV is essential at the time of buying Royal Sundaram car insurance. The formula that is used while calculating IDV is:

(IDV = Manufacturer’s listed selling price or Ex-showroom price x Depreciation factor)

Therefore, it is obvious that new cars come with the maximum IDV, that gradually goes down with the age due to depreciation.

Depreciation while  Calculating IDV by the Insurer Based on the Car Age

Car Age Depreciation
Up to 6 months old 5%
6 months-1 year 15%
1-2 years 20%
2-3 years 30%
3-4 years 40%
4-5 years 50%

Royal Sundaram Car Insurance Add-on Benefits

By including essential add-on covers to your comprehensive motor insurance policy, you can enjoy your peace of mind.

Basic Royal Sundaram car insurance policy will only cover loss or damage to your car including third-party and theft cover. If you want to make your car risk-ready, here are a few add-on covers that you can buy in Royal Sundaram Car Insurance plan-

  • Spare Car Cover – In case the insured car breaks down in the middle of the road, Royal Sundaram car insurance provides daily cash benefit. This add-on will cover up your conveyance expenses, while your car is in the garage for repair.
  • New Engine protector – It covers damages caused to your car’s gearbox parts, steering pump, and engine parts. Damage caused due to leakage of coolant or lubricating oil or water ingression is eligible for a claim.
  • Depreciation Waiver Cover – For partial loss claims, depreciation on metal and plastic parts is waived-off.
  • Windshield Glass Cover – If your windshield glass is damaged, it will be replaced. Moreover, it will not affect your No-Claim-Discount.
  • Loss of Baggage Cover – In case the baggage in your car is lost or damaged, with loss of baggage cover, you can get reimbursement for the same.
  • Full Invoice Price Insurance Cover – If the car is stolen or is totally damaged, full reimbursement is provided as mentioned in the invoice of the car.
  • Key Replacement Cover – In case your car keys are lost or stolen, they will be replaced with a new set of lock, keys, and lockset. Your No-Claim-Bonus will not be affected with a claim made under this clause. Provided no other claims were made for any loss or damage.
  • Voluntary Deductible Cover – If you opt for voluntary deductibles ranging from Rs. 1500 to Rs. 15000, you can avail 15% to 35% discount on Own Damage Premium.
  • Tyre Cover – Usually, damage caused to car tubes and tyres are covered only if it is accidental If you want to cover non-accidental damage caused to your car tyres then you should opt for this add-on benefit. The cost of tyre/tube replacement and repair is provided in case –
    • Car’s tyres are flattened while applying hard brakes
    • Due to impact burst and cuts
    • Impact bulging of side walls ( any manufacturing defect or environmental damage will not be covered)
    • Flat tyre

Exclusions under Royal Sundaram Car Insurance Plan

Royal Sundaram car insurance will not cover any damage resulting due to–

  • Any accidental damage or liabilities arising outside the Geographical Area
  • Contractual liabilities
  • Use of the insured vehicle for any other purpose than mentioned in the insurance documents
  • Anyone who is driving without a driving license
  • Claims arising due to consequential losses
  • Damages resulting from ionizing radiations, combustion of nuclear fuel
  • Any accidental Loss or Damage by or arising from nuclear weapons
  • Any accidental Loss Damage arising due to war conditions, the act of foreign enemies, or warlike Operations

Discounts offered Under Royal Sundaram Car Insurance

Apart from the basic coverage and add-ons, Royal Sundaram car insurance also offers certain discounts for eligible applicants. This includes:

Category Discount
Members of Automobile Association of India Avail 5% discount on Royal Sundaram Car Insurance ow damage premium by becoming a member of the Automobile Association of India.


Discount on Liability Premium Avail discount of Rs. 100 in liability insurance basic premium on reduction in limits of Liability in case of property damage


Discount on Voluntary Deductibles By opting for voluntary deductible worth Rs. 15,000 under Royal Sundaram car insurance, you can avail 35% discount on own damage coverage up to a maximum o Rs. 2500.


Commercial Vehicle Insurance by Royal Sundaram

Royal Sundaram car insurance is not just restricted to private cars only. It is also extended to commercial vehicles such as Goods Carrying Vehicles, Passenger Carrying Vehicles, Taxies, Miscellaneous class of vehicles such as Tractors, Cranes and Trailers. Like any other insurers, Royal Sundaram offers comprehesive coverage to the commercial vehicles under its Royal Sundaram car insurance.

Types of Commercial Insurance under Royal Sundaram Car Insurance

There are 3 types of policies offered by the insurer:

  • Trade Road Risk Policy
  • Trade Road Transit Policy
  • Trade Internal Risk Policy

Features of Royal Sundaram Car Insurance for Commercial Vehicles

Royal Sundaram car insurance for the transport vehicles comes with the below features:

  • Inbuilt personal accident cover for vehicle owner’
  • Optional personal accident cover for paid driver/cleaner of the insured vehicle
  • Third-party property damage liability reimbursement up to Rs.7.5 lakh
  • Unlimited liability for third party injuries or death claims
  • Protection against own damage due to natural and man-made disasters

Eligibility of Royal Sundaram Commercial Vehicle Insurance

Any individual with a long-tailer or semi-trailer vehicles can avail commercial vehicle insurance from Royal Sundaram.

Royal Sundaram Car Insurance Claim – Common Procedure

For filing a claim, you need to write at or call their helpline number at 1860 425 0000.

  • Intimate Royal Sundaram Car Insurance Company as soon as possible. Share with them your policy particulars
  • Repairing assistance will be provided after the survey of the vehicle
  • Once the claim intimation is provided and cashless repair estimate is provided, the survey will be arranged
  • For verification and return, the original driving license and RC need to be submitted to the insurer
  • Duly signed and filled claim form needs to be submitted to the surveyor.
  • If the insured car is in the name of a company, the signature of an authorized personnel and company seal needs to be affixed in the claim form
  • FIR should be filed in case of a third-party injury, death or property damage
  • Depending upon the claim requirement, you may be asked to submit additional documents.
  • Cashless repair services can be availed if all the documents are in the required order
  • The vehicle will be sent for re-inspection if required
  • The cashless claim will be processed once original bill along with satisfaction voucher is provided
  • For claim reimbursement claims, original invoice with cash receipt is required
  • In case of theft claims, the detailed theft claim process letter will be sent your address through Registered Post

Step-wise Claim for Royal Sundaram Car Insurance Claim in case Theft

To ensure a successful claim settlement with Royal Sundaram, in case your vehicle is stolen:

  • Immediately file a police report if you find that your car is stolen
  • Once the police report is filed, inform the car insurance department at Royal Sundaram.
  • Your car insurance claim will not be processed until you have filed a police report
  • Provide the insurer will all the details including the details of car loan or lease along with an FIR.
  • They will ask for your car’s description, driving record, service history, mileage etc.
  • Provide them with a list of other personal belongings that are stolen
  • Remember to inform the RTO about the theft of your car
  • Inform the insurer, if the vehicle is recovered by the police
  • On recovery, Royal Sundaram insurance provider will recompense the damages caused to your car. They will compensate for items that are stolen. This is subjected to policy terms and conditions.
  • If your car is not recovered, a Non-Traceable Certificate will be issued by the police. The court will provide a final report (under sec 173 Crpc).
  • If the insured car was taken on loan, then the insurance company will directly settle the claim with the financier. The amount reimbursed will be equal to the Insured Declared Value or IDV. IDV depends on your car’s market value and usage.

Step-wise Claim for Royal Sundaram Car Insurance Claim in case of Own Damage

If anyone suffers from injuries during an accident, medical help should be immediately arranged.

  • Note down the name of the people involved and vehicle numbers.
  • Avoid any negligence and do not commit to anybody regarding compensation.
  • Before filing a claim for theft, death, bodily-injury, third-party property damage and burglary, a police report should be filed. Same should be done in case there is any damage resulting from riots, malicious acts, terrorist activities or strike.
  • In case there is a major accident, do not fiddle around the spot of incidence. Do not try to start the engine or drive the vehicle, until it is assessed by the surveyor.
  • If the vehicle is in movable condition, try to take the vehicle to the nearest workshop. They will give you a detailed estimate of the repair work including the labour charges and parts replaced.
  • No alterations should be made at the place of the accident until it is assessed by the surveyor. All the parts and accessories should be intact.
  • Immediately inform the insurer about the accident, loss or damage
  • Fill the complete claim form and submit it to the insurer
  • For cashless settlement, get in touch with the insurance company, they will make the payment to the repairer directly
  • Original Documents with photocopies should be submitted. They will be verified and sent back to you.

Documents Required to Claim Royal Sundaram Car Insurance

  • Original car registration book
  • Valid car driving license
  • Copy of the police report (FIR)
  • Name of the Insured person
  • Name of the Driver
  • Contact Details
  • Policy Number
  • Time & Date of accident
  • Car make and model
  • Vehicle number
  • Location of Incidence
  • Brief description or an overview of how the incident took place
  • If the person who is intimating the claim is not the policyholder, then insured’s contact details also need to be submitted

Royal Sundaram Car Insurance Premium

Royal Sundaram car insurance premium is decided at the time of buying a plan. The insurer takes certain factors into consideration while deciding Royal Sundaram motor insurance premium. These are:

  • Make and model of the car
  • Manufacturing year of the car model
  • Registration zone
  • Location of the insured
  • Current market value of the car

However, you can calculate the premium using Royal Sundaram motor insurance premium calculator online.  The premium calculator helps you know the premiums before buying a plan. You just need to provide certain information such as car model, chassis number, manufacturing year and so on. It will suggest the required premiums. You can compare the plans as well using Royal Sundaram motor insurance premium calculator.

Royal Sundaram Car Insurance Renewal

Ontime Royal Sundaram car Insurance renewal ensures that you are fully covered by the insurer in case of a mishap.

Benefits of Royal Sundaram Car Insurance Renewal Online

There is no other way to ensure continuous policy benefits without a gap but renew it. Royal Sundaram car insurance renewal online comes with certain benefits

  • Renew Existing plan from any Insurer: By opting for Royal Sundaram car insurance renewal online, you can renew car insurance from any insurer. You can even transfer the acquired no claim bonus with the previous insurer, at the time of porting.
  • Renew Expired/Lapsed Car Plan: Due to any unavoidable circumstances, if you unable to proceed with Royal Sundaram Car insurance renewal online on the due date, the policy will lapse. However, the insurer renders help in such a situation through the following ways:
    • An online representative will investigate the case and further inspects the vehicle at your doorstep and decide the payable premium
    • The insurer will notify thereafter
    • You can buy the plan or renew the policy again within 24 hours of vehicle inspection done by the surveyor. Well, you will have to buy the plan within this time frame, a vehicle inspection is valid for only 24 hours
    • Instant renewal of Royal Sundaram Car insurance using online payment modes: With Royal Sundaram car insurance renewal online, you can avail a renewed policy within a few clicks with no time. You will only require the policy number and the expiry date to renew the policy

Procedure of Online Royal Sundaram Car Insurance Renewal

To ensure a smooth renewal with Royal Sundaram online you can follow the below steps:

  • Visit the official website of the insurer
  • Navigate to the ‘online renewal’ option
  • Select the type of insurance from the given options
  • Mention the required information such as policy number, name etc.
  • Calculate the premium online. If the suggested premium for the consecutive year suits your budget, pay online through Debit/Credit Card, Netbanking
  • Get the instant notification on the successful Royal Sundaram car insurance renewal

Benefits of Buying Royal Sundaram Car Insurance Online

Buying car insurance online is the most convenient and instant process where you can avail a plan within a few clicks. If you also opt for online mode to buy Royal Sundaram car insurance, you can avail the below benefits:

  • Save time: You don’t need to rush for the insurer’s office to buy car insurance. With online insurance, you can buy even sitting in your office cabin or lying on your favourite couch at home.
  • Save Money – You can get the policy without a hassle of waiting in the long queue or for the representative. Just visit the official website of the insurer, browse over the plans, pay the premium online and here is your instant policy. and by comparing the policies, you can save in a great manner.
  • Less Paperwork – When you buy Royal Sundaram car insurance online, it requires no or less paperwork. With online insurance, you will have to fill an online form, providing all the required information to avail a policy. even you can calculate the premium before buying and finally pay the premium online with debit/credit card.
  • Online Insurance with Flexible Payment Options: Royal Sundaram car insurance, while buying online, will aid you with the multiple and flexible payment Hence, it reduces the hassle of going to ATMs or waiting in the long queue to withdraw money to buy insurance. Pay through Netbanking, NEFT, Credit or Debit card and avail an instant policy.
  • Post-sale Services: Online insurance is not limited to buying. You can avail post-sale services starting from making a claim to renewing your Royal Sundaram car insurance online. You can opt for Royal Sundaram online assistance and get yourself treated with the best services.
  • Royal Sundaram Car Insurance Review: By opting for online insurance, you can check for Royal Sundaram car insurance review posted by the existing customers online. These reviews will give you a fair idea about the services and the products. With Royal Sundaram car insurance review you can ensure an informed and a right car insurance deal.
  • Avail Discounts: with online insurance, you can avail special discounts depending on the model of your

Royal Sundaram Car Insurance Customer Care

Royal Sundaram customer care is responsible to handle any query related to Royal Sundaram car insurance, claim, regarding policy buying process etc. It responses the queries with no time. To reach them you can call at 1860 425 0000. You can also mail them at

The insurer also offers insurance assistance through their online chat boot where you can talk directly to customer care executive and inquire about a plan. Moreover, by filling a simple online form you can send a request for getting a call back from the insurance company.

Royal Sundaram Car Insurance Network Garage

By approaching any of the network garages of Royal Sundaram, you can avail cashless repair services. For that, you’ll have to ensure that the garages of your preference are included in the list of Insurer’s network garage.

Royal Sundaram FAQs

Q1. What are compulsory deductibles under Royal Sundaram Car Insurance?

It is the certain minimum amount, which is deducted by the insurer from your claim amount. The deductibles are applicable as follows-

Deductibles For Private Cars: Rs.1000 for 1500 CC

2000, if your car is above 1500 cc

Q2. Why is endorsement required in car insurance?

All the agreed changes in your car insurance policy are incorporated in an endorsement copy. If there are any corrections required in car insurance, the policyholder needs to intimate the insurer about the changes that are required in the policy.

At the time of purchasing the policy, you can issue an endorsement to avail provide additional benefits; impose restrictions like deductibles, third-party liability cover etc. and cover. You also need to issue an endorsement if there is a change of name, address or vehicle.

Q3. What are the discounts applicable in Royal Sundaram car insurance policy?

Following discounts can be availed in a car insurance policy –

  • No Claim Discount
  • Voluntary Deductibles
  • Discount on Automobile Association
  • Discount on Vintage Cars

Q4. Can I pay Royal Sundaram Car insurance premium in instalments?

No, you can’t.

Q5. What are the benefits of purchasing Royal Sundaram car insurance online?

By purchasing Royal Sundaram car insurance online, you can avail the following benefits?

  • Policy can be issued instantly
  • No paperwork is required
  • Easy to compare benefits
  • Conveniently pay the premium online via Debit card, Credit Card, or Net Banking

Q6. What is the benefit of opting for roadside assistance with Royal Sundaram car insurance policy?

In case your car breaks down in the middle of the road, with roadside assistance you can avail immediate help on the spot. It covers both accidental breakdown and mechanical failure in the middle of the road.

Q7. How does Royal Sundaram car insurance provide no claim bonus?

Royal Sundaram car insurance offers No Claim Discount to customers who have not made any insurance claims during the policy term. In their comprehensive plan, i.e. Car Shield insurance scheme, the insured can also transfer up to 50% of No-Claim-Bonus to Royal Sundaram car insurance from the previous insurer.

Q8. What if I forget the due date of Royal Sundaram Car Insurance Renewal?

In order to enjoy the policy benefits continuously, Royal Sundaram car insurance renewal is essential.if you miss the actual policy, the insurer may provide you with a grace period, only if it has such provision. If not you can contact royal Sundaram customer care to get the required assistance. You can renew the policy even after the expiry date by paying the premiums along with a penalty. But, whatever the case is, Royal Sundaram car insurance renewal is necessary.

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