How to File Online Claim for Damaged Vehicle against Motor Insurance?

The major objective of buying an insurance policy is to get the much-needed financial coverage in time of need. The policyholder pays a fixed amount of premium to the insurance company so that he can get adequate financial help from the insurance company. However, it is a widespread myth that insurance companies do not provide any relief and do not settle insurance claims when the need arises. Many car owners fall prey to such misconceptions and are reluctant to invest in any kind of insurance policies.

The truth is that it is barely a misconception and insurance companies do not break the trust bond but provide timely help to all its policyholders. If the policyholder pays the insurance premium on a regular basis and he/she files a claim as per the applicable terms and conditions, the insurance company will provide the pre-decided insurance coverage.

Online Car Insurance Claim

If you meet with an accident that causes heavy damages and injuries, you must do two things immediately without fail. Firstly, get your car repaired and inform the insurance company as soon as possible. Remember, each insurance company has a certain time limit for the claim settlement procedure. It is advised that if you have faced an unfortunate incident and require help from your insurance company, then make sure that you inform the insurer about the situation without wasting any time. Additionally, duly fill in the claim form and file the claim immediately.

Online claim process has an upper hand as the claims can be made instantly after the incident occurs. The best thing is that the policyholder does not have to wait to reach the insurance company’s office. All they need to do is upload the relevant scanned documents and images. However, this is not possible if they take the traditional route. Documents and images need to be submitted physically to the insurance company office, thus making it a tiring process. Additionally, the car can also not be sent for repair, until the insurance company’s representative inspects the insured vehicle.

Car Insurance Claim Denial

There are certain instances when the insurance company may reject your claim request. They do so when your claim is not filed as per the applicable terms and conditions. If you wish to get your claim settled without any hassles, and then make sure you avoid the situations mentioned below.

  • Invalid License- At the time of an accident or any other unfortunate incident, in case you have a license that is invalid then your claim will be rejected by the insurance company.
  • No Timely Notification to the Insurance Company- There is some time constraint set by each insurance company that the policyholder needs to comply with for smooth claim settlement. If your car is robbed or is damaged due to accidents, then it is required that you inform your insurance company within a specified time limit.
  • Driving under Influence of Intoxicant Substances- If an accident results in vehicle damage as a result of an accident where the driver was driving under the influence of any intoxicant, then there is no use of filing for a car insurance claim. This is because the insurance company will outright reject as it is already an included exclusion in the car insurance policy.
  • The car is too Old For Repairs- After proper assessment of the insured car, if your insurance company evaluates that repair cost is higher than the car’s depreciated value, the car insurance claim can be rejected by the insurer.
  • Repair Sans Notifying the Insurance Company– It is recommended that the policyholder get the damaged car repaired after the insurance company’s representative visit the location for inspection purpose. Otherwise, the claim would be rejected.
  • Exceed Use Limits– If you have a car insurance policy for a vehicle for the purpose of personal usage and you use the car for commercial purpose, then the insurance company has full rights to deny the claim as per the insurance policy terms.

Over to You

Now that you know how to file the claims and why your claim could get rejected. Make sure you fulfil all the terms and conditions before filing the claim.

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