Future Generali Car Insurance

The insurer works as a joint venture between the Future Group, and the Generali group, which holds a legacy of 186 years and is among the world’s 50 largest companies. The company offers an extensive range of general insurance products such as Future Generali car insurance, Future Generali health insurance, commercial insurance, lifestyle insurance, rural/social insurance, home insurance, travel insurance, and personal accident insurance. The company’s competitive edge, claim settlement abilities, wide network, and an availability of a host of insurance products make it a preferred choice for a number of customers.

Future Generali Car Insurance Plan At a Glance

Features Highlights
Incurred Claim Ratio 77.31 %
Third Party Insurance Up to 7.5 L
Cashless Network Workshops 2500+
No Claim Bonus Up to 50 percent
Cashless Claim Settlement At network garages


Why Future Generali Car Insurance?

Future Generali car insurance is designed to ensure you a safe and joyful ride. Future Generali car insurance offers a complete insurance cover against damages caused to your four-wheeler.  Moreover, it compensates for third-party damages that were caused by your vehicle.

There are two type of car insurance cover that is provided by Future Generali car insurance-

  1. Third party Insurance- If you own a vehicle, this one is mandatory in India. It compensates for any third-party liabilities, which may arise on the account of bodily injuries or death of a third person or property. It also reimburses legal expenditures on your behalf, in case of third-party damages. To buy third party car insurance online you can click here: https://online.futuregenerali.in/
  2. Comprehensive Vehicle Insurance- It compensates the damages caused to your four-wheeler as a result of an accident, theft, burglary, and housebreaking. It also covers your vehicle on account of any damage caused due to the explosion, fire, self-ignition, lightning, riots, malicious acts, flood, terrorism, cyclone, earthquake, and inundation. It also covers vehicle damages during transportation.

Key Benefits of Future Generali Car Insurance

The benefits of purchasing Future Generali car insurance policy are as follows-

  • Claims settlement within 7 working days from the date of receiving all the documents
  • Instant issuance of the car insurance policy
  • Cashless claim settlement at the network workshops
  • Towing assistance within the city
  • Automated reminder for renewal

Insured Declared Value

The IDV of a four-wheeler is determined while commencing or renewing the car insurance policy. The sum assured is determined by the Insured Declared Value of the four-wheeler as fixed by the manufacturing company after deducting the depreciation on its parts. It is only applicable for claims arising due to constructive total loss (i.e. if the cost of repair exceeds 75%). Depreciation on vehicle parts is applicable as mentioned in the table below-

Age of the Four-wheeler      Depreciation
Exceeding six months 5 percent
Between six months & one year 15 percent
Between one & two years 20 percent
Between two & three years 30 percent
Between three & four years 40 percent
Between four & five years 50 percent

If you vehicle is more than 5 years old, then its IDV can be mutually decided between you and the insurance company.

Please note that the insured four-wheeler will be considered as a constructive total loss if the cost of repair comes out to be more than 75% of its IDV.

Discounts and Loading in Future Generali Car Insurance

  • No Claim Bonus- For every claim free period, you earn a No-claim-bonus on renewal. In the case of 6 claim free years, the discount can go up to 6 years. To avail NCB, the renewal should be done within 90 days of the policy expiry date. While renewing the policy, you can transfer the No Claim Bonus from the previous insurer.
  • Voluntary Excess discount– You can avail discount on your car insurance premium by opting for voluntary deductible while purchasing the policy. It is the amount that you will pay from your own pocket at the time of claim settlement.

Future Generali Car Insurance Premium Calculator

It is a dynamic tool that is car insurance companies provide to its customers to get car insurance quotes online.  All you need to do is submit the following information while using a car insurance calculator online –

  • IDV
  • Geographical zone
  • Vehicle Age
  • Cubic capacity of the engine
  • Make and model
  • No Claim Bonus
  • Discounts and loadings ( as applicable)

Inclusions of Future Generali Car Insurance

1. Vehicle Damage Cover- It compensates for damages incurred on your vehicle due to any of the below-mentioned reasons-

  • Accident or collision
  • Theft/burglary
  • Rebellions
  • Attacks
  • Fire/explosion
  • Malicious activities
  • Floods
  • Cyclones
  • Lightning
  • During transportation via rail, road etc.

The compensation provided will be based on the IDV of the vehicle and rate of depreciation on the vehicle parts as per the age of the vehicle.

2. Third-Party Insurance Cover– Third-party car insurance policy serves to protect the insured from third-party claims when he/she is at fault. It only compensates for financial liabilities arising out of an accident. And it is mandatory to have 3rd party insurance as per the law. The premium for this type of policy is notified and fixed by IRDAI at the beginning of the financial year.

3. Personal Accident Cover (Add-on benefit) – This is an additional benefit that is granted to the policyholder. In the event of a personal accident, the owner/driver of the car will get an additional compensation of Rs.1 lakh. Furthermore, the limit of compensation for a passenger is kept at Rs. 2 lakhs.

Add-on Covers in Future Generali Car Insurance

Future Generali car insurance offers certain additional benefits in its comprehensive car insurance policy to ensure enhanced coverage with add-on covers above the basic benefits. Based on your requirements, you can opt for the following add-on covers –

  1. NCB Protection Cover – Retain the part of your even after filing a car insurance claim with Future Generali. It is applicable if only a single claim is made during the policy period and the vehicle is repaired at the registered workshop.
  2. Return to Invoice Cover- It recompenses the difference between the purchased price (as per the invoice) and the claim amount for claims arising out of theft and constructive total loss of the vehicle. Moreover, it compensates for the road tax, customs duty and first-time registration charges.
  3. Zero Depreciation Cover- Full claim amount is reimbursed without deducting the depreciation on the vehicle parts. It will not be applicable in case of theft, constructive or total loss. Compulsory deductibles will be reduced from the total depreciation amount.
  4. Loss of Keys and Theft Cover- In case your keys are stolen or damaged the cost incurred on key replacement will be compensated.
  5. Personal mobile and laptop cover- Repays the cost of your mobile phone and laptop, in case it is stolen from the locked car.
  6. Daily Cash Allowance – You get daily cash allowance while your vehicle is being repaired for accidental damages in one of the network garages. It is only valid for a period of 15 days during the policy period. It is not applicable for theft claims or constructive total loss claims.
  7. Engine Protection Cover- Compensates for damages to the engine parts and gearbox due to water ingression and leakage of the lubrication oil.
  8. Personal Accident Benefit- It will compensate your loved ones in case of your accidental death. And the cost of vehicle repair is also included in this benefit.
  9. Basic Road-side Assistance- In case your car is immobilized in the middle of the road following services- are provided-
    • Towing assistance is provided to the nearest workshop in case of an electrical or mechanical breakdown
    • Flat tyre assistance is provided
    • Arrange for an automobile technician in case of a dead battery
    • If your car keys are locked inside or are broken, then a duplicate key will be arranged to help you get inside the car.
    • Arrange for emergency fuel assistance as per the requirement ( maximum up to 10 liters)
    • There are additional roadside services like overnight accommodation, medical co-ordination etc. that you can avail by paying an additional premium.

Exclusions of Future Generali Car Insurance

Your Future Generali car insurance claim will be invalidated if it arises due to the following reasons-

  • Routine wear and tear
  • Car breakdown ( mechanical/electrical)
  • General aging of the car
  • Accident taking place outside the geographical area
  • Consequential loss or depreciation on the parts of the car
  • Using the car outside the scope of coverage
  • If found to be driving without a DL
  • If found to be driving after consuming alcohol
  • The car being damaged due to nuclear radiations or war conditions

Compare and Buy Future Generali Car Insurance Online

Before purchasing a Future Generali car insurance policy it is important that you compare its features, coverage and add-on benefits. You can easily buy and renew car Insurance online and get an instant car insurance quote by following the below mentioned steps-

1. Gather some basic information about your car and create your profile

  • Car registration number
  • Chassis Number
  • Engine Number
  • year of manufacture
  • Car make and model
  • No-claim-bonus
  • Car make and model
  • Policy expiry date

2. Review the inclusions and deductibles

Review the quote and make changes to the coverage or deductibles if required.

3. Complete your purchase

Once you agree to the payment method and the terms & conditions, you can select the mode of payment (Net Banking/ Debit Card/Credit Card) and pay online in a convenient and secured manner.

4. Download your Car Insurance policy

Once the payment is made you can download your car insurance policy and take a print out. The insurance copy will also be sent over your registered email id.

Renewal of Future Generali Car Insurance

The process to renew your Future Generali Car Insurance online is quite simple.

To renew your car insurance policy from another insurer click on this link: https://general.futuregenerali.in/buyonline/Home.html#/MotorRenew

To renew your existing Future Generali Car Insurance policy click on the give link: https://general.futuregenerali.in/buyonline/Home.html#/MotorRenewExisting

How to Renew Future Generali Car Insurance Policy?

Just follow these simple steps to renew your car insurance online-

  1. Enter only your 8 digit policy number e.g. 2018-V1234567-FPV, enter only V1234567
  2. Enter expiry date of your policy as specified in your schedule e.g. 12/01/2017
  3. Click on renew policy
  4. Then modify your plan
  5. Enter nominee and contact details
  6. Confirm and pay

Claim Procedure of Future Generali Car Insurance

Future Generali ensures smooth and hassle-free claim settlement services to its customers.  Here are the steps that you need to ensure for a car insurance claim with Future Generali-

  • In case of accidental injuries, first-aid should be provided. Take the injured person should be taken to the nearest hospital and report to the police.
  • Register your car insurance claim at their toll-free number i.e. 1860 500 3333, 1800 220 233. You can also SMS your claim at 92222 11100. Or email at Email: fgcare@futuregenerali.in
  • Take your car to a workshop and a surveyor will assess the loss.
  • To avail cashless claim all you need to do is take the vehicle to the nearby workshop. Future Generali will make the payment on your behalf and you will only have to pay the difference/deductibles.
  • For reimbursement you need to make the payment at the workshop along with the receipts.

You can easily fill the claim form online: https://general.futuregenerali.in/car-insurance/motor-claims/claim-intimation-motor

You can also initiate your claim through other modes:

  • Call: 1800 220 233, 1860 500 3333 & 022 67837800
  • Sms MOTORCLAIM to 9222211100

Documents Required For Future Generali Car Insurance Claim

  • Copy of car insurance
  • Claim Intimation
  • Driving License copy
  • Car insurance claim form
  • Registration copy
  • Repair estimate
  • Vehicle survey report
  • Survey Fees Bills
  • Final repair receipt for cashless claim settlement
  • Pan card
  • Passport size photo

Future Generali Car Insurance FAQs

Q1. Is it necessary to buy a car insurance policy?

As per Motor Vehicles Act, it is imperative to buy third party liability insurance for all the car owners/drivers in India. The purpose is to recompense a third-party against damages caused by an insured vehicle.  However, it is suggested to buy comprehensive car insurance policy to cover the damages incurred on the insured motor vehicle as well as third-party damages.

Q2. Can I get car insurance cover for my co-passengers in Future Generali Insurance?

Yes, you can get them insured by opting for personal accident cover up to Rs.2 lakhs. This is an add-on benefit, which you can avail by paying an extra amount of premium.

Q3. Is personal accident cover for passengers included in comprehensive Future Generali vehicle insurance policy?

No, it is not covered in a Future Generali comprehensive car insurance policy. You need to buy this as an add-on benefit by paying an additional premium.

The Future Generali comprehensive vehicle insurance policy only provides personal accident cover to the owner-driver.

Q4. Can I renew my car insurance policy from another insurer?

Yes, you can renew your car insurance policy with Future Generali car insurance from another insurer click on this link: https://general.futuregenerali.in/buyonline/Home.html#/MotorRenew

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