Essential Tips for a Speedy Car Insurance Claim Settlement

Filing car insurance is no more a headache, only if you approach right. Insuring your prized possession is one of the most important and ideal decisions you make. No doubt, you have invested considerable money to insure it, even you buy car insurance online, hoping that you will get the required financial assistance whenever is needed.

But here is the catch.

There is no assurance that your claim will not be rejected. Well, for obvious grounds only. Even minor mistakes can lead to car insurance rejection.

  • Reason 1: If Insurance Policy is Inactive

To enjoy the policy benefits on time, one must ensure the policy is active. Timely renewal of policy only can ensure this. If you don’t pay the premium on time, the policy will expire. And it will take no time to reject the claim on the ground that the policy is inactive.

  • Reason 2: Providing Wrong Information

The insurance contract is based on a true relationship between the insurer and the insured. However, fraudulent cases are no less anymore. In order to save some money, many choose the wrong path. The applicant doesn’t hesitate to fill wrong information, without realising the fact that it may can backfire. The insurer may reject the claim or even cancel the policy if you are found guilty. In such cases, the premium paid will go waste or the insurer may blacklist you.

  • Reason 3: If Claiming without a Valid Proof

Every claim is subjected to valid proof, failing which leads to claim rejection. In case of an accidental claim, one must furnish certain proofs like police FIR, photographs of the damages, insurance document etc. The claim will not be initiated until the relevant supporting documents are submitted.

  • Reason 4: If Medical Assistance is not Taken Immediately

When a claim is made or injuries the insured has to provide the proof of medical assistance taken with a certificate from the doctor. If you don’t seek any treatment immediately, the insurer may reject the policy by asking for the valid proof. If you are unable to provide sufficient documents, the claim will be denied.

  • Reason 5: If the Vehicle is Used for Commercial purpose

When you own a private vehicle but have been using it for commercial purpose, if a claim has been made for damages to the vehicle, will be rejected.

So, the question is how to claim right?

Car Insurance Claim: Stepwise Process

  • When a claim arises, directly inform the insurance company. The foremost thing is to register the claim with the insurer.
  • The next step is to complete the required paperwork with the investigating officer for further process
  • The car will be taken to the garage for repair. If the garage is in the network list of the insurer, you can avail a cashless claim. The extent of damages will be estimated and if you are eligible for a cashless claim, the repair will be done free of cost. However, the expenses will be directly settled by the insurance company.
  • A voluntary/compulsory deductible, however, has to be paid by the insured
  • In case of a reimbursement claim, you will pay for the repair expenses initially and the insurer will repay the incurred amount, subtracting the payable deductible

Do’s for Speedy Claim Settlement

Claiming car insurance no doubt a complex thing. But you can make it simple by playing little smart. By approaching the proper way of claiming, you can surely ensure a hassle-free claim settlement. Here’s how:

Do’s- Police FIR

In case of an accident claim, the first thing to do is to call the police and make an FIR. This is the only legitimate way to go with the flow. Police FIR is mandatory even claim your car insurance policy. Most of the famous insurance companies especially ask for these documents at the time of claim. For instance, if you own Tata AIG car insurance and an accidental claim is arising that require you submitting the FIR stating about the accident.

Do’s: Immediately Inform the Insurer

Whether it is an accidental claim, theft or loss, inform the insurer immediately. Even you have to be aware of the window of claiming hours which is 48 hours in most cases. The insurer must be informed within this duration to avoid claim rejection. Only respecting the rules of a company, you can ensure a smooth claim settlement.

Do’s: Collect as much Proof as Possible

Try collecting as much evidence as possible. In the era of Smartphone, it is very easy to gather information. You can click photographs of the damages, injuries, details of the accident or the other party etc. note down the name and phone numbers of the witness, only if they willing to help prove your claim. Also, note down the insurance details of the other party involved in the accident.

Do’s: Evaluate the Policy Coverage

Once you have informed the insurer and registered the claim, the next is to check whatever is covered and whatever is not. You can call the helpdesk of the insurer or visit the official website for claim related assistance.

Do’s: Be Honest

Honesty is the best policy-they say. It is indeed. Especially when you buy or claim insurance. An insurance contract is based only on trust which binds the insured to disclose the truth only. Failing to which will invalidate your car insurance or can be the main reason for claim rejection.

Do’s: Keep a Track of Everything

Keep a track of every conversation with the insurer regarding the claim. This will help you track the status of your claim. Starting from the claim registration until the final settlement, the receipts, emails, purchases, everything should be well tracked. You can make a file of important documents to maintain it properly.

Dos: Carry Valid License

Always carry a valid driving license whenever you take your car on drive. Carrying invalid DL or driving without a valid DL is the main reason for rejecting car insurance claim. You should also keep a copy of the car insurance policy along with. So, be a responsible citizen and drive safe.

Wrapping it Up!

A hassle-free claim settlement can be ensured only if you perform your share of responsibility. To settle a claim, the insurer will require the details of the incident and it expects you to be honest on your part. By providing the true information and following the proper channel, you can increase the chances of your claim being settled without a mess.

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