How to Claim Car insurance Through WhatsApp?

In India, having a motor insurance is a legal compulsion under the Motor Vehicles Act. In order to protect your vehicle from any damages that may be caused due to a road mishap, buying an adequate insurance for your car becomes necessary.

Having said that, one should not buy car insurance just because it is a legal mandate. The troubles of driving a car on the roads with potholes and irresponsible drivers have led to an increase in the number of accidents. Thus, in order to ensure that your car is safe and secure, it is crucial to buy in a car insurance policy from a trusted motor insurance company.

There are 2 types of car insurance plans available in India. On the basis of coverage offered, both offer different features and attract different premium rates.

  1. Third-party Car Insurance Policy – The third-party car insurance is mandatory in India. It provides financial assistance to the third-party in case of an accident. It doesn’t provide coverage for the damages caused to the policyholder’s car.
  2. Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy- The comprehensive car insurance policy provides an all-around coverage to the It provides coverage for theft, accident, natural calamities, man-made disasters and third-party liability.

It is necessary to choose a car insurance that perfectly suits your needs and requirements as well as your budget.

Claim Car Insurance through WhatsApp

Most of the people are aware of the online claim filing process. Many well-known companies offer online claim filing facilities where the policyholder has to login to the insurance company’s official website and fill out the details as instructed on the website. Online claim settlement has made the life of policyholders easy, fast and hassle-free. They do not have to stand in long queues to get their work done. With online facilities, a policyholder can buy, renew and also make premium payments from the comfort of their home.

To make claim filing process easier for policyholders, some insurance companies have launched personalized applications that can be downloaded on an Android or iOS mobile phone to make payments and carry out all the other insurance related procedures smoothly.

Considering the technological advancements and tech-savvy customers, some insurance companies in India have also started to provide car insurance claim settlement through the most used and popular mobile application WhatsApp. One of the pioneers to launch this unique service is Future Generali India Insurance Co (FGII). It delivers insurance policies to the policyholders via WhatsApp and makes the insurance buying process convenient.

Why WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is an application that is used by almost all, regardless of age, gender or economic barriers. It is a cross-platform messaging app that has a wide reach around the world. In today’s fast-paced life, it has become one of the most common and preferred modes of communication among the masses. It is a wise move by insurance providers to use WhatsApp as a medium to provide and fast service to customers. Through WhatsApp, the policyholder can enjoy instant access to the policy document.

It helps to provide technology-driven efficient customer service that is the primary aim of the insurance companies. Now, customers can buy, renew and even apply for claim settlement through WhatsApp. They will receive a message on WhatsApp with the confirmation text for application of any procedures. Also, an email will be sent along with a soft copy of the physical policy document.

For applying car insurance claim via WhatsApp, car insurance policyholder has to shoot a video and send it via WhatsApp to the insurance company. The insurance company’s representative will get back and will also guide the policyholder for further process. The representative will also help the car insurance policyholder to understand how the video should be shot to precisely show the damages caused to the insured car in times of accident. This will, in turn, help the policyholder to file the car insurance claim smoothly and efficiently.

Over to You

Make sure that you provide all the original, valid and authentic documents to the insurance company for a successful and quick claim settlement process. If you fail to follow proper procedures and submit documents as per insurance company terms and conditions, then the company has all the rights to reject the claim.

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