The Best Way to Deal with Car Inspection for Claims

Once you inform your car insurance company about the accident, they will send an examiner to assess the damage.

Usually, all the insurance companies reimburse the claim amount only after the damaged vehicle is inspected. It is the initial step that is carried out in the motor insurance claim settlement process. Based on the situation, it can be scheduled at the spot of the incidence or after a few weeks of your claim request.

Sometimes the car inspection is conducted when you apply for online car insurance renewal. Here are a few simple steps that ensure that this part of the inspection process goes off smoothly.

Detecting Any Fraudulent Claim

The job of the car inspection surveyor is to assess the damages for which the claim has been made at and find out the truth behind these claims.

The idea is to ensure if the damage has occurred during the accident or it was done before the accident. And to find out if the owner of the car is not using this incident to get compensation for any prior damages. It is an effective deterrent to find out false theft claims, claims made for non-existent cars and the likewise.

In case, the examiner finds out the malicious intent your car insurance claim can be invalidated and it will be considered as a fraudulent claim.

The best policy is, to be honest, and cooperate with the inspection officer and provide him with all the necessary information if you want your claim to be settled in a hassle-free manner.

Determine the Repairing Cost and Actual Damage

If it was found to be a genuine claim, the next step is determining the actual damages sustained by the car and the cost of repair. Based on the estimated amount, the insurer will determine the actual car insurance claim settlement figure.

There is no standard rate card that is provided by the service centers, and the rates may vary from one case to another. And negotiating may help you get a better deal. Similarly, the service center provides the estimated cost of repair for the car damage during the claim assessment to the insurance company based on the understanding between them.

However, it is not necessary for you to accept the figure as it is. You can even get the repair estimates from another workshop and then make negotiations to get a fair deal by your insurer.

Car Damage Inspection Process

The claim inspection process can vary from one insurance provider to another.  Suppose you have purchased HDFC car insurance and your friend has an Oriental car insurance policy, the process may vary. However, the process of inspecting a damaged car usually takes between 30 minutes and one hour.

  • Once an accidental claim request is made, the insurance company will appoint an examiner.
  • The appointed inspector will survey the damages, conduct a physical examination and capture all the damages that are visible.
  • He will make a detailed report based on his assessment. And make a list of the parts that need to be repaired or replaced.
  • This report needs to be submitted with the insurer along with the car insurance claim file.

Post the Inspection

The insurer or the inspector will then analyze the given repair estimation in detail. You can ask for a written copy with details of the parts that need to be repaired, replaced, and the broken parts.

The claim report is then compared with the motor insurance policy document and the claim amount will be sanctioned based on your eligibility criterion.

Once the proposal is accepted by you, the claim will be processed for the final step. And you will get the claim amount for damage repair.

Another important thing is the documents that are required to initiate the car insurance claim process. While the insurer is carrying out the inspection, you should gather all the required documents like your registration copy, driving license, repair receipts, insurance policy documents, and other important documents.

Points to Remember When Filing a Claim

At the time of purchasing car insurance, remember to read all the insurance documents carefully in order to familiarize yourself with the complete motor claim process.

You are paying the premium to avail the benefits of a car insurance policy, and do not forget that insurance company is liable to provide you the claim amount for every genuine request.

If you have followed the complete process then it is likely that you are going to get a reimbursement for any accidental damage.


If you understand the concept of the inspection, you would know it means no harm. The idea is to assess the damages and then recompense for the damages.

Not every inspection will lead to rejection of your claim. The motor insurance company is expected to provide you the claim amount. However, for everything to go smoothly, you must cooperate with the inspection officer. And also, read the motor insurance policy documents carefully and the follow the process as mentioned in the policy.

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